Showtec Compact Dimm DMX IR - DMX styring med IR

Varenr: 50542
• 3-kanals LED styring med IR remote
• DMX: 3 kanaler
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• 3-kanals LED styring med IR remote
• DMX: 3 kanaler

Leverandør beskrivelse:
The DMX Controller IR RGB is a simple DMX controller which can be operated by an infrared remote controller. You can freely use it to record and play back the DMX signal. The manual mode, automatical mode, DMX signal recording and playback mode are available for DMX Controller IR RGB. The EEPROM is used to memorize the current function and parameters. The DMX Controller IR RGB is easy to operate with high reliability. The DMX Controller IR RGB can record DMX as a maximum speed of 25 frame per second (512 channels). The frame may be lost once the maximum speed is exceeded. Normally, the time of DMX recording is 400seconds, the minimum DMX recording time is 200 seconds.



• Power Supply: 9VDC / 200mA
• DC IN/OUT: 2pin Green Terminal Socket
• DMX IN/OUT: 3pin Green Terminal Socket
• Housing: Polycarbonate
• Listing: CE certified
• Operating Temperature: 0 degC to +55 degC
• Storage Temperature: -20 degC to +70 degC
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 81,7 x 15,1 x 13 mm
• Weight: 150 g


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