Spacer "æg" 20mm til brotype PS/PT/PQ

Varenr: PASP20
• Samler som et "æg", men øger afstanden 30mm
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• Samler som et "æg", men øger afstanden 30mm

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The Showtec PRO-30 truss is made of 50mm alu-pipe with a thickness of 2mm and 16mm braces. This is the most used construction system for discotheques, stages, theatres and suitable for many more applications. The PRO-30 is available in following models: 2 point step system (S), 3 point triangle system (T) and 4 points square system (Q). The system elements are joined with help of conical connection coupling. Showtec offers 3 different coupling systems with different compatibility shown in the below overview. All Showtec Pro-30 truss systems are TÜV certificated. To recognize your truss system you can check the diameter at the pin insert part of your spigot.
• P Truss Compatible with standard Milos truss
systems (Ø 29,8mm)
• F Truss Compatible with Prolyte truss systems (Ø
• G Truss Compatible with Global & Euro truss
systems (Ø 29,0mm) Each PRO-30 truss item contains connector sets


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