USB / Jack Instrument Interface

Varenr: D1631
• USB / Jack Instrument Interface
• 3 M
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• USB / Jack Instrument Interface
• 3 M

Leverandør beskrivelse:
• No drivers needed
• PC and MAC compatible
The UCI-20 is the easiest solution for instant instruments and sources with line levels without having expansive interface's, drivers problems and setup procedures. Connect the jack plug into the source and the USB plug on a PC or MAC and you are ready to record. It works with practically all DAW software programs. It has a sampling rate of 16Bit, 44,1Khz that's also the standard sample rate of every CD and gives you the quality to make professional recordings.



• Connectors: USB & 1/4 TRS mono jack
• Drivers: No drivers needed
• Operating system: Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/Windows
• 7/ MAC
• A/D converter: 16 Bit, 44,1 Khz/48Khz
• SNR: 85dB
• Signal boost gain: 22dB
• Impedance: 50KOhm
• Lenght: 3M


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